The dream of an Educator

High Quality Early childhood Program

While in search of an early childhood educational program for my daughter for her first time attending school, I was taken aback with the number of preschools that did not meet my expectations.

This was overwhelming to me as a first time parent, but also as an early childhood educator. I visited numerous centers and was astonished to come across programs with televisions in the classrooms, settings that did the bare minimum by children, too many students in the classrooms, and poorly designed facilities, just to name a few. I was desperately in search of a home away from home environment without compromising the educational element.

Clearly, it was a challenge to find a combination of HOME AWAY from HOME and a HIGH QUALITY EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM.

This inspired me to create GLOBAL VILLAGE PRESCHOOL, a preschool that specializes in early childhood education, providing families with the best practices in early childhood.

In April of 2012, GVP opened its doors to the community; offering a one of a kind educational program to children between the ages of 3 months to 5 years of age.

Our GLOBAL community was born with the intentionality to support and empower children’s growth using the Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning ( a world renowned philosophy), and the high Scope Curriculum (a validated/research based framework).

We are committed to providing RICH and ENDLESS educational experiences that foster life long learners. We invite you to join the GVP family!

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